Colab - Integration Server for Web Applications

Colab is an integration server meant to help develpers to unify the User Experience in Web applications.

Colab provides ways to integrate:

  • Authentication or Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Data

To accomplish that Colab is placed in front of integrated Web applications. All user requests and responses are proxied (as in the image Colab Reverse Proxy model) and therefore can have content and headers modified. Also, due to it’s architecture, Colab can grant or deny access to systems under it.


Colab Reverse Proxy model

Plugins are used in order to integrate new Web applications. Currently the following plugins are available and maintained by core developers:

  • Mailman
  • Gitlab
  • Noosfero
  • Mezuro

If you need to integrate a diffirent tool please refer to Plugin Developer Documentation.


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